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Spotlight on

Research Projects

The below examples are just a snapshot of some of the projects taking place across the Midlands ARC.

To have your research included, please contact us.


The SEREDA project

This project, led by the University of Birmingham, involves four countries and uses a social constructivist framework to understand the incidence and nature of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Sex experienced by women, men and child refugees who have fled conflict in the Levant region.


Visit the project webpage for more information.  

Pathways through Liberation

This project concerns those whose support in the NRM has terminated, whether prematurely or otherwise (or those who decline to even enter the NRM). Led by the Rights Lab, University of Nottingham, researchers are working with survivors to record and share their experiences of recovery and of their encounters with state and third sector services, while learning the experiences of those who did not enter the NRM.

Visit the project webpage to learn more. 

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Supporting business to meet new UK immigration rules

Led by De Montfort University, this project examines business preparedness in the context of the newly introduced immigration points-based policies, particularly in those areas of industry such as agriculture, horticulture, construction, hospitality, social care, and fishing that have been long established as substantially reliant on what the UK Government terms as ‘low-skilled labour’.


The project concerns whether businesses view that these new policies might increase risks of exploitation in light of the expected demand for goods and services. 

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