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Sexual and gender-based violence, Survivor support journeys, Housing and marginalised groups, Austerity and urban governance, Mental health and recovery of survivors, Survivor transport needs and Trafficking of migrant Roma

County lines, Business compliance with Section 54, Enforcement of labour standards, Informal economy, MSHT in the agricultural and garment sector, Poverty reduction, Domestic work and the care sector, Consumer behaviour and attitudes, Impacts of he point based immigration system 

Police accountability, Law enforcement response to trafficking and modern slavery, Multi-agency collaboration, Terrorism and MSHT, Investigative interviewing and victim welfare, Understanding criminal networks and organised crime groups

Covid and county lines, Building resistance to modern slavery after covid-19, Impacts of covid-19 on modern slavery in transitional justice contexts, Predicting the presence of informal workplaces in the pandemic, Identifying good practice in protecting people in a pandemic, Protecting Romanian migrant works after covid-19, Vulnerability of care workers during pandemic 

Reparations for victims, Human rights implications of MSHT,  Implementation gap in principle and practice, International antislavery obligations and domestic frameworks, Maritime security governance, Antislavery governance frameworks

This is just a sample of the areas of research interest across the Midlands ARC, as well as example projects that are either ongoing or have recently been completed. As the network develops and broadens, so will the areas of interest with the opportunity to add more research groups.  

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